Night Vision Filters

Pynco started manufacturing Night Vision filters in the 1980s. Since that time, our NVIS products have proliferated into multiple United States defense aircraft platforms. Our experience has allowed us to accumulate an understanding of NVIS technologies that is second to none. We also offer our own in-house optics laboratory for testing, certification, research and design purposes.

All of our glass products are machined in-house by advanced vertical CNC milling centers. Machined glass filters are superior in their performance and durability versus plastic filters. Our glass filters will exhibit improved chromaticity, radiance and transmittance characteristics versus plastic counterparts. Machining in-house helps provide shorter lead times, improved dimensional consistency and superior spectral transmittance. In fact, our unique machining process allows us to accept customized, low volume orders too.

Our customers include the edge-lighted panel and instrument manufacturers, direct military, cockpit and instrument conversion shops. Pynco's products are being used in most defense platforms.

photo of filtered light assemblies

Filtered Lamp Assemblies (FLAs)

Pynco manufactures a series of NVIS or NVG compatible FLAs that are direct replacements for OEM and non-NVIS lamp instrumentation. The ease of installation allows quick conversion of a non-NVIS unit to NVIS compatibility. Flat-dome or hemispherical-dome options are available for T 1-3/4 and T- 3 ¼ assemblies.

  • T-1 Sub-Midget Flange Base
  • T-1 ¾ Midget Flange Base
  • T-1 ¾ Midget Groove Base
  • T-1-3/4 Bi-pin
  • T 3-¼ Bayonet Base

photo of night vision flat filters

NVIS Flat Filters

Manufactured to MIL-L-85762A and customer specification(s) for all applications

  • MS Indicators (Incandescent & LED)
  • Instruments (internal & external conversion)
  • IR Pass Filters
  • Sunlight Readable Annunciators
  • Cockpit Utility, Flood, & Post Lights
  • Custom Filters
  • Flashlight Filter Lenses

photo of sunlight readable annunciator

Sunlight Readable

Pynco will manufacture and install sunlight readable annunciator filters into customer hardware, OEM hardware, or hardware manufactured by Pynco to customer specifications.

  • Full specification compliance
  • NVIS per MIL-L-85762A and MIL-STD-3009
  • Aviation colors per MIL-C-25050
  • Incandescent and LED

photo of ring filters

Ring Filters

Pynco manufactures a variety of ring filters meeting NVIS colors per (MIL-L-85762A and MIL-STD-3009), aviation colors (MIL-C-25050) and NVG compatible specifications. Ring filter selections include dimensional sizes and shapes with the option of an aluminum cap. Questions to consider when selecting a ring filter may include:

  • How do I determine the best ring filter for my application?
  • Do I need the smallest and brightest 5-Volt FLA (0.170 min. O.D. x 0.185 min. O.A.L.)?
  • What are my power requirements (amperage & voltage)?
  • Do I need polished for high transmission or will unpolished meet my needs?
  • What color specification does my application require? Ex: Green ‘A’, Green ‘B’, Yellow ‘B’

photo of


Pynco manufactures and installs NVIS filters for MS indicators, press-to-test assemblies and annunciators - standard NVIS, sunlight readable and goggle compatible aviation colors.
In addition to producing filters for the manufacture of new equipment, we often convert existing hardware to NVIS that was initially manufactured as non-NVIS by the OEM.