The failed night time rescue mission of the hostages in the 1979 Iranian hostage crisis was in part due to the lack of reliable night vision technology for U.S. military aircraft. Throughout the 1980s, the demand for the development of effective night vision compatibility for aircraft instrumentation and cockpit lighting became an important requisite for a variety of military, search and rescue, and aerospace applications. With industry leading research and development, Pynco became the first organization during this critical period to manufacture reliable night vision lighting solutions and NVIS compatible glass filters for a variety of mission critical industries.

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Another crucial technology refined by Pynco, Inc. were electronic relay systems that are reliable enough for military applications. For years the U.S. military was continuing to have issues with expensive aircraft having electrical systems and battery discharges while in combat zones and remote locations. Pynco's research and development provided the technology to address this critical issue.

Presently used in a wide range of aircraft, these innovative control systems monitor a variety of the aircraft’s electrical functions and regulate their resources appropriately.

It is a unique combination of innovation and the practical application of our product development that has propelled Pynco’s reputation across multiple industries.

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Pynco continues to aspire to develop new technologies and services, while continuing to improve our current manufacturing capabilities.

By employing a team of experienced and skilled experts, we are very excited about the future and the opportunity to provide first class products and services to all of our customers.