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Night Vision Filters

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Pynco manufactures a wide variety of night vision (NVIS) filtered glass components. Below are a few of our featured NVIS products

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             Filtered Lamp Assemblies (FLAs)



The NVIS Filtered Lamp Assemblies below are some of our most common FLAs. Special designs are available upon request.

  • LED FLAs - NVIS Green A, Yellow, Red, & White
  • Incandescent FLAs - polished & unpolished
  • As small as 0.135 Max. O.D. x 0.185 Nom. O.A.L.

Ring Filters

Pynco offers a wide variety of ring filters, ranging in size, thickness, and glass or aluminum cap. When choosing a ring filter, you may want to consider:

  • Can I use the most common, lowest cost ring filter for T-1 lamps (0.210 max. O.D). Or, do I need a special configuration?
  • Do I need the smallest and brightest 5-Volt FLA (0.135 max. O.D. x 0.185 max. O.A.L.)?
  • What are my power requirements (amperage & voltage)?
  • Do I need polished for high transmission or will unpolished meet my needs?
  • Do I need upper or lower Green "A"?
  • Do I need Green "B"?
  • Do I need wire leads or bi-pin?
  • Do I want to explore LED illumination (NVIS Red, NVIS Green "A", NVIS White, NVIS Yellow, or goggle compatible aviation colors)?

        NVIS Flat Filters

Manufactured to MIL-L-85762 and customer specification(s) for all applications

  • MS Indicators (Incandescent & LED)
  • Instruments (internal & external conversion)
  • Flashlight Filter Lenses
  • IR Pass Filters
  • Sunlight Readable Annunciators
  • Cockpit Utility, Flood, & Post Lights


Sunlight Readable

Pynco will manufacture and install sunlight readable annunciator filters into customer hardware, OEM hardware, or hardware manufactured by Pynco to customer specifications.

  • Full specification compliance
  • NVIS per MIL-L-85762 and MIL-STD-3009
  • Aviation colors per MIL-C-25050
  • Incandescent and LED



Pynco manufactures and installs NVIS filters for MS indicators - standard NVIS, sunlight readable, and goggle compatible aviation colors.

In addition to producing filters for the manufacture of new equipment, we often convert existing hardware to NVIS that was initially manufactured as non-NVIS by the OEM.


Instead of forming our glass products in a mold, all of our glass products are machined in-house by advanced vertical CNC milling centers. This process provides shorter lead times, improved dimensional consistency and superior spectral transmittance. In fact, our unique machining process allows us to accept customized, low volume orders too.

Machined glass filters are also far superior in their performance and durability verses plastic filters. Our glass filters will exhibit improved chromaticity, radiance and transmittance characteristics versus plastic counterparts.

Our customers include the edge-lighted panel and instrument manufacturers, direct military, cockpit and instrument conversion shops. Pynco's products are being used in most defense platforms.