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Our engineers continue to identify, test and evaluate new technologies and machining capabilities. An ongoing commitment to research and development allows us to provide superior products and services.

Understand, though we may not sell a wide range of products by a catalog format, our capabilities are always expanding as we continue to engineer unique parts and devices at our customers request. Sometimes it may be the smallest part that makes the crucial difference for our customers.

The machining of glass products can be a very delicate operation. This is why we are very proud to be the only known company in the world who can manufacture hemispherical domes out of glass through a machining process. Traditional methods rely on a process of pouring glass into a mold.

By combining our machining technologies with the highest quality material, we can provide shorter lead times, improved dimensional consistency, greater durability and superior spectral transmittance.

Another unique capability that Pynco can offer is the ability to core drill glass ring filters to .020 of an inch in wall thickness or flat filters as thin as .018 of an inch. Pynco is also the only company known worldwide who can mill glass products to such a high degree in precision.

Since Pynco’s origins derive from the machining of a delicate material like glass for the Aviation/Aerospace and Defense industries, we can also offer the highest standards in quality for the milling of aluminum and plastic products.

We can provide a critical combination of fast quotes, short lead times and extreme precision and reliability in product standards. As one example, our customers can email their CAD designs direct to our engineers. We can then continue the expedited process by translating data directly into one of our high end computer numerical control (CNC) milling machines for immediate manufacturing of your customized product.

Pynco's streamlined process allows us to ship custom machined parts faster than our competition.