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Glass Machining, Grinding and Polishing

Does your organization have a need for the precision machining, grinding and polishing of a glass related material? With our extensive experience, Pynco’s glass machining capabilities are nothing short of world class. We specialize in the design and manufacturing of custom glass products for a variety of industries. Our experts will be glad to consult with your design engineers on all levels of product research and development, manufacturing and testing. Pynco excels at machining a variety of glass related materials including: borofloat, borosilicate, silicate, phosphate, and soda lime.

All of our glass products are machined in-house by advanced vertical CNC milling centers. Our processes allow Pynco to provide lower prices, shorter lead times, faster research and design, improved dimensional consistency and superior spectral transmittance. Our craftsmanship and experience with glass produces a time tested process that guarantees quality from design to delivery.

Instead of forming our glass products in a mold, all of our glass products are machined in-house by advanced vertical CNC milling centers. Our unique machining process positions us to readily satisfy custom low volume requirements too.

Whether you need optical or night vision filtered products, specialty glass products or other forms of glass milling, Pynco excels at meeting customer specifications, common or unique.

Optical Filters

Pynco manufactures optical interference and absorption filters. Our offerings include IR as well as long & short wave pass filters. With our in-house optics laboratory, we can customize our filters to meet custom specifications optically while adhering to very tight tolerances dimensionally.

Our optical filter products are inspected and shipped with the traditional certifications. Our customers take comfort in knowing that upon receipt, all products will be ready for installation and all characteristics will adhere to the required standards and specifications. We are a optical filter manufacturer offering maximum integrated services from design goals to finished product.

Optical and Display Filter Solutions

Absorption Filters
Sunlight Readability
NVIS Compatibility
Bandpass Filtering
High Contrast
High Brightness
Extreme Environment Durability
Interference Filtering
VIS / NIR Applications

Light Sources include: LED, LCD and Incandescent

Night Vision (NVIS) Filters

Historically, Pynco has been the major supplier of NVIS compatible optical filters to the Aerospace and Defense industries. Pynco designs and manufactures NVIS filters, filtered lamp assemblies and assorted NVIS related hardware. Pynco is equipped and staffed for performing NVIS lighting measurements, and can certify equipment and parts to meet NVIS requirements. With over twenty years of NVIS experience, our products are being used in virtually all defense aerospace platforms. Our customers include edge-lighted panel and instrument manufacturers, direct military cockpit and conversion shops.

Machined glass NVIS filters are far superior in their performance and durability verses plastic filters. Our glass filters will exhibit improved chromaticity, radiance and transmittance characteristics versus plastic counterparts.

Specialty Glass

With over 25 years of custom glass machining experience, Pynco’s capabilities are perfectly organized to manufacture specialty glass for architects, designers and artist. If you have a glass project with unique requirements or tight tolerances, Pynco can provide manufacturing technics and processes to exceed your expectations.


Pynco can combine multiple glass technologies like Sunlight Readable and Night Vision filters to create products that offer supreme performance and reliability.