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At Pynco, we are defining the future with leading edge technologies that support our mission critical customers. Our capabilities are always expanding as we continue to manufacture unique parts and devices at our clients request.

Our optical filter products range from night vision lighting to sunlight readable display technologies.

Precision glass and polymer machining is our specialty. Pynco manufactures custom products from a variety of materials. This includes optical filters, night vision (NVIS) filters and custom glass and polymer products from materials including borosilicate, acrylic and polycarbonate to name a few. Pynco combines a world class machining center with advanced research and design capabilities, years of assembly and kitting experience and a personal touch that let's our customers know that we enjoy exceeding their expectations. When approached by a customer, we typically evaluate the technical requirements and perform the necessary empirical measurements to determine the best technical solution to exceed client specifications. We prepare comparative technical reports so our customers can assess their options for optimum performance, or, in turn, inform their customers. 

Pynco's Process Capabilities:

CNC Machining, Grinding & Polishing
Materials include: Glass, Acrylic & Polycarbonates
Glass Annealing & Tempering Services
Surface Grinding & Polishing
ID & OD Grinding
Micro Drilling & Machining
Dicing, Slicing and Lapping
Spherical and Aspherical Machining
Optical Windows and Lenses
Cylindrical Polishing
Chemical Strengthening
Coating Removal
Cutting, Drilling and Etching
Edging (round, square, elliptical)
Lap Grinding and Polishing
Ultrasonic Cleaning
Ultrasonic Degreasing

Pynco Inc. has a progressive CNC machining facility with a full-time staff actively involved in all facets of production. We specialize in manufacturing precision machined parts from raw stock or cast materials with a full range of manual and advanced CNC machining centers. 

We offer free consultation services to help clients in any industry find the right part for any specific need.   And when a unique application is required, our senior physicists and engineers can modify stock parts or create new custom components from scratch to meet your material and performance specifications.

Pynco will accept a variety of project data files to help expodite the product development process.

List of CAD files the Pynco can import:

   .IGES / .IGS
   .STEP / .STP
   .Para-solids X_T X_B.
   .Stl-(Import and Export)

We have developed proprietary technologies that combine many of the advantages of rapid prototyping with CNC machining. The result is a fast, convenient and easy to use process for getting quotes, ordering and receiving CNC machined parts.

Our state-of-the-art facilities and team of experienced professionals service customers in multiple industries ranging from aerospace, defense, aircraft repair and conversion shops to the most unique industrial, architectural and commercial applications. Customer satisfaction is ‘above all else’ as we diligently work through all phases of production from purchasing raw material through final inspection and packaging.

Pynco's Product Capabilities:

Custom Glass & Polymer Machining, Grinding and Polishing

Customized products for Aerospace, Defense, Commercial and Industrial Applications

LED NVIS FIltering (SMD, 3mm, 5mm)

Multi-Color Polymeric NVIS Display Filters

Acrylic Panel Blanks, Windows, Lenses and Components

Night Vision, Sunlight Readable and variety of Optical Flat Panel Display Filters

Interference and Absorption Filters (IR, Long & Short Wave)

Custom NVIS Filters, Ring Filters and Indicators

Custom Plastic and Aluminum Machining of Fixtures and Parts

Assembly and Kitting Services per Customer Specification

Electronic Relay Systems for Military Aircraft

Sunlight Readable, Anti Scratch and Night Vision Glass Technologies

NVIS Sunlight Readable Annunciators & Flat Filters

NVIS Filtered (MS) Lamp Assemblies (Flat and Hemispherical Domes)

Spectroradiometric Measurement Service

Recertification Services

Research and Testing Services

Customized Milling up to 18”x18” in size (6x6 for polishing)

Light Sources: LED, LCD, and Incandescent